The kit arrives

October 2, 2011

When I first learned that George Sellios was releasing an FSM kit with a brick structure I knew I had to have it and build it. I believe this is a first for Fine Scale Miniatures. So, as soon as I learned of it I mailed George a check for $265.00 + $15.00 shipping.

George promised delivery in October of 2011 and sure enough he delivered. My kit arrived at my office on September 30, 2011 via UPS. I was very surprised.

Here you see the package after I opened it.

When I first ordered Yehuda's I wanted to build it as the instructions call for. I also wanted to share my experience in the event that anyone that has never built an FSM kit wished to find out wat it is like to build an FSM kit. There is already a great build thread by Karl Scholz  at and at rr-line. I encourage you to follow Karl's work. My effort is a bit different. I want to share as much of the experience as possible. I'd like to give you an idea of what it is like to do this.

I'll start with the following:
- I was perplexed by George's instructions to first assemble the brick structure before painting it. I am accustomed to working with flat walls. You know, prepare the plaster castings, paint the castings, install windows, detailing the walls and then assembling the structure.

I debated whether to follow the instructions or venture out on my own. I even sought council from experienced modelers. In the end I stuck to my original plan and decided to stick to the instructions as much as possible. This is not trivial. When one invests $280.00 and lots of time on a kit the end result should more than satisfy.

My purpose is to include you on the decisions posed to the modeler and how to resolve them when building Yehuda's. I want to do this because it is likely that the only FSM kits that get built are those built by experienced modelers. Perhaps by modelers that could build the kit without the aid of instructions except to identify the parts and where to put them. Along the way I'll be faced with questions like "What primer should I use when preparing the plaster castings?". In the instructions, which I've began reading already before starting the kit, George only specifies the color of primer he used. That may seem trivial to most but to me it was not. That is what I hope to include in this thread, for the benefit of that gal or guy building an FSM kit for the first time.

Here is the kit outside the package in which it traveled all the way from Peabody, MA to Graceland (home of The King).

Next up, what the modeler gets for $265.00 plus $15.00 shipping.

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