DejaVu All Over Again


Fine Scale Miniatures is back!

For 2014 FSM came out of retirement and released The Hazen Boyd Company.

Be sure to get one.

George Sellios Retires

With the release of the 2013 kit, JS16 Jamestown Water Stop, George Sellios announced his retirement from the craftsman kit making busniess. We will miss your offerings greatly, George. Congratualtions on your retirement.

We'll be back shortly

I took a break to attend the 2012 Fine Scale Model Railroad Expo in Lancaster, PA. I posted some photos of the event here:
iCloud stream of Expo 2012

and some more photos here: thread

I'll continue with the updates shortly...

We are live!

We are up and running!

Thank you

I want to extend a world of gratutide to my wife, Lisa. Without her support and understanding I never would have finished this project.

I also wish to thank my buddy Bob Pieczyk. Even though he is no longer around it was his enthsiasm for the model railroad hobby and fatastic friendship that prompted me to embark on this journey.

Many thanks go out to the gang at for their invaluable feedback and encouragement during my Yehuda experience.

The build's pace

When I first began building FSM's JS14 Yehuda's Heating Company, I received much feedback from other modelers as to the pace I was taking to getting the kit done. I work slow. Perhaps I drag things along.

A great deal of the pace involved having to document all the work I was doing. I had dedicated at least 1 hour each evening to building the kit. It ended up taking about 90 minutes eaach evening to prep my work, build the kit, photograph m work and then document what I had. That is likely ot the approach most modelers take when building a kit or working on a project. 

So, there is a lot of detailed documenation of what transpired during my build. Much of the detail involves all the decisions I had to make as I built my very first Fine Scale Miniatures kit. I surmise a great many model railroader has dev eloped and honed those skills over the year and takes for granted much of what I did not find trivial.

Thus, be patient with me and follow along at a lesiruerly pace. Or you can skip around as you wish to those sections of the build that interest you.

The links

I've chosen to link some of the items I used in my build to Amazon. I get a small credit for every pruchase made through my links. I chose to do that instead of putting Google Ads on my site. The bananas don't come for free and my web host don't work for peanuts. If I don't generate much credit it is no big deal. I want to do this because I want to share my experience with all model railroaders. Think of the Amazon links as a "tip jar" of sorts.

Enjoy the site and tell your model railroading buddies. They too can build a Fine Scale Miniatures kit as well.

It arrives!

It all started one year ago. I began a journey that changed my model rairloading expereince. I began to build my very first Fine Scale Miniatures kit.

Not long afer I began building FSM JS14 - Yehuda's Heating Company, I decided I wanted to share my experience. I wanted other model railroaders to know that even an average modeler can build a lare craftsman kit.

So follow along as I retell My Yehuda Experience.

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