Clarification on gutter bracing

I was confused by step 3j in instruction sheet "A":

I could not discern the following:

- Which stripwood to use.

- How exactly I should glue the stripwood.

Already George has instructed how to identify stripwood that was not color coded. He simply said so. The stripwood mentioned in step 3j is not color coded. But George did not mention it. It took me a bit to find it in the contents of the box. But eventually I did. The two pieces are not color coded and they were not rubber banded together. I identified them by measuring their length.

I was not sure what George meant by "Glue these pieces into place as shown here." I studied the diagram. I studied the poster photos. I was bumfuzzled. So I did the best I could. I fit the two pieces in what I thought the most logical manner. Like so:

I had to file a bit of each stripwood piece and they both fit just right. I knew that gutters would be glued here later on as directed by step 3j. In hindsight, I should have read ahead to step 12d where there is a clearer diagram of how these 2 pieces of stripwood should have been glued.

It bothered me that I was not 100% sure about this. I told myself that I would discover later in the build if I had done this right. I used Canopy Glue on this step (thus spraying it on my carpet and MacBook screen). So I was pretty confident I could pry off the 2 stripwood pieces if I had to. So I  left it as is and went to bed for the night.

5 1/2 hours later I fell awake and thought to myself, "why don't you reference Karl Scholz's build?!" And so I did.

I re-read all 3 of Karl's threads on Yehuda. I studied all of his photos. It was not easy to discern how the gutters were glued to these 2 stripwood pieces by studying the photos of the finished diorama. However, the first few photos of his build show how Karl did glue these 2 stripwood pieces to his brick structure.

I've borrowed Karl's photos already posted on his thread:

photo by Karl Scholzs

photo by Karl Scholzs

photo by Karl Scholzs

photo by Karl Scholzs

photo by Karl Scholzs

I still don't see how the gutter is glued to that stripwood piece. But, I do see how those 2 stripwood pieces should be glued on the brick structure.

So, does it make any difference that I did not glue these 2 stripwood pieces correctly? No. It's just a toy train. I'll make it work.

© Jaime E. Zepeda 2012