The build's pace

When I first began building FSM's JS14 Yehuda's Heating Company, I received much feedback from other modelers as to the pace I was taking to getting the kit done. I work slow. Perhaps I drag things along.

A great deal of the pace involved having to document all the work I was doing. I had dedicated at least 1 hour each evening to building the kit. It ended up taking about 90 minutes eaach evening to prep my work, build the kit, photograph m work and then document what I had. That is likely ot the approach most modelers take when building a kit or working on a project. 

So, there is a lot of detailed documenation of what transpired during my build. Much of the detail involves all the decisions I had to make as I built my very first Fine Scale Miniatures kit. I surmise a great many model railroader has dev eloped and honed those skills over the year and takes for granted much of what I did not find trivial.

Thus, be patient with me and follow along at a lesiruerly pace. Or you can skip around as you wish to those sections of the build that interest you.

© Jaime E. Zepeda 2012